Baja-Custom-Homes Bespoke and Much More

Baja-Custom-Homes, builder of individual houses for 30 years, has been able to impose its know-how, the quality of its accompaniment and its mastery of tailor-made. From the laying of the foundation stone to the handover of the keys, our teams are showing an investment of every moment. To continue writing your stories, here is ours…

The “real” tailor-made according to Baja-Custom-Homes: the customizable house

In a society where everything is standard and standard, Baja-Custom-Homes has made a bet to stand out, to offer its customers a unique home that is unlike any other. Because each owner does not share the same needs and tastes as his neighbor, we make sure to create real bespoke, from high-end materials.

Accompaniment and transparency: the group’s flagship values

Having your home built can be stressful and raise some issues. We are aware of it and take care of the accompaniment of each project thanks to the competence of our advisers. The future owner knows the details of each stage of the construction of his house and does not multiply the interlocutors. Baja-Custom-Homes is, therefore, the professional you need.

A green and committed house: for you and tomorrow

We have always been aware of the challenges of the house of tomorrow. Our achievements are 100% connected, and the equipment is designed to reduce energy consumption. Our constructions are certified RT 2012, and we work continuously to improve the performance of these sustainable innovations.

Innovation trophies and quality houses certification

So that the future owners can approach the construction of their nest in all serenity and security, Baja-Custom-Homes has been approved Quality Houses, a certification that guarantees the quality of the services of the builders, by strict specifications. In parallel, anxious to constantly launch new challenges, we have won 7 medals since 2008 in the field of innovation.